Day 99: Edge, execution, and excellence…

Yesterday I wrote about practice… here’s my “AND”…

There’s a difference from being on the edge verses being on the ledge. Another ‘L’ of a difference. Let me explain.

There are three zones when it comes to performance. The first is called your comfort zone. This is where you’re good, typically really good. You’re performing well and successful in what you’re doing. Win after win after win. Who doesn’t want that? This a safe place for many because it feels great, but not much progress or development comes in this zone.

The zone that puts you on the ledge is called the panic zone. This is no bueno. In this zone you’ll be in over your head, under water, incapable of putting together any type of success. This zone lets you know you’ve gone too far and need to dial it back a bit. This zone often forces people to quit and give up because it feels awful.

The ONE you want is the growth zone. This is the sweet spot, the edge between doing what you are comfortable with and doing something you simply can’t. This zone pushes you beyond what you comfortable with, but not too far to where you want to just quit. In this zone you are essentially practicing while you play and getting better along the way. Do this more.

Get in the game and put yourself on the edge. Try some new things, test your capacity and capability. You’ll never know how much you can do if you don’t try. Remember, you can do more than you think…

2 thoughts on “Day 99: Edge, execution, and excellence…

  1. Well said…like the AND…

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