Day 100: ONE warrior…

Take inventory on who you are spending your time with. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Chances are you’ll see you are spending too much time with the problem children and the mediocre middle. Thanks to our sympathetic system, our natural tendency is to constantly mitigate and manage risk. This is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to keeping ourselves alive. However, I’m not sure many, or even any, of the people sucking your time and energy are a life or death situation. If they are, thank your built in alarm system and take action. If they aren’t, stop the madness and go spend time with the few.

Practice leaning against your natural tendency and go deeply connect with those who might just be the ONE warrior in wait. When you taste what it’s like to go from a lone to all ONE, you’ll never be the same. Go ahead, you can do more than you think…

3 thoughts on “Day 100: ONE warrior…

    1. Thanks for the notes, Jimmy G. Becoming ONE with you has been a privilege. I’m beyond humbled to call you friend.

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