Day 101: Burst toward our best…

Some of my greatest strengths are also my biggest hurdles. Maybe you can relate.

I am unreasonably aspirational and believe virtually anything is possible. This makes me a passionate fool at times. I’m good at finding the melody lines in the stories I hear or read. And yet, I’m terrible at reading my wife when she is making bids for my attention. I focus a lot on giving to others that I often don’t take care of my own.

I’m bursting today on the last one. I’ve been given some love from a few this month as my words have struck a chord with them. I struggle with letting love in but was asked to bathe in it this morning. So, I’m leaning against my tendency to move on and I’m soaking it in. It’s a battle within, the good one’s usually are.

Pick one thing you need to start doing or stop doing and give it a try. You can change your behavior a lot quicker than you can change your mind. And when you take action, our minds tend to follow. Trust the process, do more, think less…

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