Small Giant…

You most likely work for a company. If it’s a typical American made kinda place you are lucky, according to Gallup, if 28% are engaged. Sucks to think you are running a business with over seventy percent of your peeps either disengaged or actively disengaged. Let me brag for a bit. The BTL band is only ten souls. We’re a small Giant. All are engaged. Most are beyond so. None are paid a dime by me. None pay me diddly squat for anything they’ve been given. All of ‘em could be working for the man and possibly making more. I’m not worried.

You see, friend, meaning always trumps money. I gave up working for the man back in 2002 and haven’t looked back. Petey joined in 2004. He will love you to death. Gu joined next and if you work with him you will know what it is to be Gu’ed toward greatness. Browny is the best. Kitty is as quick as a cat and the smartest animal in our pack. Dosch is our resident artist and paints outside the lines. Good. Rachel has gone from Stanford softball to BTL hardball. She will make you better if you let her. Jiggles is young but well beyond his years. Andy is just over one year here and it feels like it’s been ten. He is another builder who will, one day, be better than us all. And, of course, we’ve got the apprentice, Tay. He’s my son and working on his fourth year of mastering this crazy craft we call Becoming BTL. We’re a small Giant. We are one hundred percent engaged. We are here to find a few more engaged souls in your company. We are one, distinct and deeply connected. We are moving from a lone toward all one. We love this work, this team, and we love you. One L of a difference, huh.

We are a small Giant. You?

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