Day 110: Everydayness…

If you’ve been around BTL long enough, you might have heard us talk about “mastering your craft” a time or two. We know mastery requires an everydayness kind of effort. Roger that. Let’s take a look at the word “craft”…

It traces back to the Old English version “cræft”, meaning strength or power, but not in the physical sense. Back then, it was used to signify an indefinable sense of knowledge, wisdom and resourcefulness. How do you like them apples? Somewhere along the way, “craft” has become more about the skill involved when making things by hand. The etymology of words can be so powerful.

So which definition best articulates what “mastering your craft” means? If you’re asking me, it’s both. Master the indefinable and unexplainable gifts that were given to you AND master how to put them to use. In BTL language; build your CORE, author your OPUS and get after it with an everydayness approach to productive action.

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