Day 111: Obstacle…

During practice with a slayer of dragons, I listened intently to the progress she’s made over the last week. It’s quite astonishing what one can do when they simply, consistently, take productive action. She’s learning to slay the biggest dragon of all – herself.

I [re]minded my client of the process she’s gone through of letting go in order to get going. It’s been magical. You see, she held onto a false narrative and false expectations that kept smashing her in the face and creating great sadness and emotional chronic pain. Not good. However, when she finally made the decision to let go of these long standing, deeply held, BS lies, she became free. Free to be who she was made to be: the La Tueuse de Dragon Extraordinaire

So if the obstacle is yourself, and the obstacle is the way… what to do? Look in the mirror, find your integrity gap(s) and stop repeating the behavior that’s getting in the way. Sounds simple, but my goodness, it’s not easy.

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