Day 112: Specific, concrete, and actionable…

I started team practice 30 asking a small group of crazies to write about one thing that brought them joy this week. I love watching people’s brains turn on when asked to slow down, reflect and write. I love it even more when it’s related to things that light them up.

This band of brothers and sisters shared their joy and it was palpable: taking a break, connecting with others, celebrating a birthday, experiencing nature… to name a few. After everyone spoke, I asked them what sticks out. Here’s the take away, don’t miss this, it could be huge… joy is something you can tap into. It’s not some esoteric, mythical sentiment that is fleeting. Quite the contrary, it’s in the intentionality of doing the things you love. I’ll say that again…

Joy can be found in the intentionality of doing what you love.

We finished practice by having someone gracefully read today’s day from the Becoming Built To Lead book. We all agreed to practice taking baby steps towards finding joy. Nothing too big – specific, concrete and actionable. They are even going to share what they are doing with others and see if it helps them find some joy too.

What some more joy in your life? Take action, joyful baby steps are plenty.

2 thoughts on “Day 112: Specific, concrete, and actionable…

  1. Kids and I planted some native perennials today, on earth day. Joy in teaching and sharing how to be just a little bit more responsible with our earth. Joy in seeing them learn something so simple, and yet the highlight of their day.

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