Love fills better…

What a helluva week it was. Lots of hard OPUS. More energized than fatigued even though there were plenty of drains to go with hard earned gains. Your week was, most likely, some combination of poison and wine – such is the everydayness of this thing called life. Bono was right – home is where the hurt is.

You see, friend, your heart is always under attack. Home, your unique place of belonging and becoming is a heart filler and heart attacker. Cannot have one without the other. Fact. Every team we have the privilege of building alongside, is a heart filler and attacker. Belong anywhere, with anyone, and you are going to feel the love and the lack thereof. If you want more transformational relationships around you, embrace the pain and suffering that is part of the gig. Give more than you take. And, do not forget to take care of yourself. It will not remain home if it feels like all give, no take. We each have to figure it out, huh.

For most of us in healthy relationships, it’s a good reminder to focus on gratitude instead of fear. Gratitude fills the heart. Fear drains it. They cannot coexist equally in your heart. One always grabs the upper hand, so to speak. Slow down and reflect. Count your blessings. Breathe. Love feels better. Here’s the truth, friend. Love fills better. What’s filling your heart.

Live hard. Love harder…

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