Day 113: Acts 19:20…

During our BTL builder’s practice this morning, we shared our thoughts on keeping score of the things that matter. I’m fairly confident we all believe that results (scoring points, generating sales, losing weight, personally improving, etc.) are outcomes that are a byproduct of the effort put into achieving them. If this is true then, why do people keep score on the outcomes instead of the thousands of little steps taken to get there?

We had a very special guest join us and share his thoughts as a former principal. He shared that his focus was not on the grades, it was simply on showing up for his students and staff alike. He made a regular practice of asking his teachers what they need, what he can do to help and protected their time so they can do their job. He met students in the morning, right when they got off the bus, and told them they were going to have a good day. He focused on the things he can do and did them. That was the way he kept score. Freakin’ magic.

What about you? Are you measuring the weight you lost, or the good meal you just ate? Are you focused on the masterful meeting you ran, or checking the sales report to see how you’re doing? Are you connecting with your teammates and partners, or just looking at the wins and loses?

Start keeping score of your behavior and see if that doesn’t change the outcome. You can do more than you think. Do this…

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