Day 114: En Brera…

I don’t know about you, but my brain is one hell of a governor. It does a phenomenal job making sure I don’t get too far over my skies in many areas of my life. Here’s a few you might be able to relate to…

When it comes to working out, my brain is meticulously aware of my schedule and lets me know that I might not have time. It also informs me of the energy I will expend working out to make sure that is taken into account as well. What’s also a nice thing about my brain is it often tells me that I’m in good enough shape and a day or two or seven off isn’t that big of a deal. Whew, thank goodness someone thinks I’m doing OK.

When it comes to eating right, my governor does an outstanding job rationalizing the need for moderation and that I don’t need to be too strict or hard on myself. I mean, that makes sense right? A little here and a little there isn’t going to kill me. The best way my brain helps me with food, is when I wake up at night. It whispers that I’ll probably not be able to fall asleep again unless I grab a little snack. That governor sure is always looking out for me.

I could go on and on and on about how my brain gives me outs regarding my work, in relationships, about electronics, when relaxing at night, and waking in the morning. Every. Day. Learning to hear this voice for what it’s worth, has helped me to keep fighting and stop struggling (thanks, Kyle and Miles).

If you want to start drawing ‘en brera’ (no alternative) lines in the sand for yourself, start by documenting the self-limiting arguments your governor is making to you. Then pick one that you know is absolutely ludicrous and stop it. Just one feels like a ton. You can do this…

4 thoughts on “Day 114: En Brera…

  1. Thank you, DD, for this great rant. En Brera, when translated from Hebrew, means ‘When there is no alternative.’ Truth is, we always have an alternative. We can choose to believe or not. In God. In Jesus. In our team. In our leadership. In ourselves. We can choose to work out or not. We can choose to refine our intake (across physical and spiritual platforms) or not. We choose. For me, the key question is what am I here for? What is my purpose? That will then lead me to determine my ‘En Brera’ choices.

  2. DD,
    En Brera…Yes. To the amateur there are many choices. For the pro? Just one. Yes or no. Do or not. Be or not. Live or not. It is simple – no? If you give yourself no choice – there is no choice. That doesn’t mean you will not fall. That doesn’t mean you will not tire. It means – we just keep going. DD…what I heard from you today is clear. And simple. I.Can.Do.This.
    Thank you brother. I really needed this TODAY.

  3. Thanks for the note, Jim. I’m learning so much from being with you on Friday’s and reading your comments. See you soon, my brother and friend. DD

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