Day 115: Done so…

Eleven years ago, anxiety kept me from traveling to Ethiopia to adopt our daughter. Anxiety robbed me of a once in a lifetime experience and the many joys that can be found in the everyday beauty of life. Anxiety ruled roost and informed nearly every decision in my life. Not. Good.

By the grace of God, Built To Lead came into my life only a few months after this low point. I began to confront all of the thoughts in my head by slowing down, reflecting and writing. This was not fun, in fact it was quite brutal. But I stuck with it and began to change my mind. Slowly, ever so slowly, I replaced anxious riddled beliefs and identities with one’s rooted in more truth and love. Slowly, ever so slowly, I discovered my true self – the person I was created to be.

Anxiety isn’t completely gone from my life, but it’s influence is significantly diminished. My inner CORE now lives in the penthouse and informs me most. To learn more about my Builder’s Journey, it’s in the book after Day 323. And if you relate to anything I’ve shared, trust this process and do the work. Your true self is just waiting for you to unleash it.

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