Day 120: Damn few…

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “the damn few” in reference to those who reach a super-elite level in whatever it is they do. I immediately wanted to become one of the few and band together with others aiming for the same thing. I’m on my way.

The BTL band of builders are the damn few. I sit with them every week for an undefined amount of time and soak them in. We don’t have any real agenda or schedule when we meet. We simply share what’s on our minds, what we’ve learned, and go from there. I learn so much and get filled with love just being with these damn few. Let me introduce you to Rachel…

In December of 2017, I was at a networking event put on by an organization I was mentoring with, and up walks this young lady in her best pantsuit, shaking hands and taking names. She shared her quick story about being a softball coach at Stanford, but is now heading up a non-profit in St. Louis involving character development through sports. And the rest is history, as they say. I’ve had the privilege to build into her and watch her transform from a scared, insecure and wounded individual to a more CORE-centered, confident, kick-ass builder. One of the damn few for sure.

I am handing of the blog-writing reigns to her today and hope you continue reading and participating in this work. Thank you for the attention you’ve given me this month and I assure you, the best is yet to come with Rachel.

1 thought on “Day 120: Damn few…

  1. Hoooo boy was that pantsuit a mistake. Good thing I’ll never wear one again. So grateful our paths crossed and that you’re one of my damn few.

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