Back in the saddle…

This morning five riders made the left turn off Pennington Court. Doc Guv, Shoe, Brother Mick, and Downer joined me for a celebration ride back to the scene of the crime. We turned up Orange Road and the first hill greeted the cold twigs. Felt so good to be back in the saddle. The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun warmed my all black gear from the outside in. As we approached Grappy’s abode, Downer reminded me of our conversation from the last time we made this jaunt. We laughed, me a bit nervously, as we remembered how unaware I was of what was about to happen inside my heart back on March 27th. Seems like a lifetime ago instead of just over a month…

Our pace slowed as we approached the guardrails on Red Bank Hill Road. This guardrail was where Brother Mick found me back on March 27th, kinda wandering woozily as I walked toward Grappy’s place. Clipping out of the pedals today it felt surreal to let the mind wander back to that day. Hard to believe this guardrail will never be just a guardrail anymore. This guardrail represents the gift of this life, at least to me. Snapping a couple photo’s, arms around my brothers, my heart overflowed with the joy of this moment. Life is precious, fragile, and God’s gift to each of us. Fact.

So, today, Miss and I head to Chicago for work and play. We will enjoy time together and time with friends. We will work with clients and it will be a gift. You’ve been given the same gift, friend. Make the most of it. Do not allow fear to keep you from living large. You are meant to burn out bright. Leave the slowly flickering thing to candles. Get your butt back in whatever is your saddle. Smile from ear to ear. Grab your few. Celebrate life by doing hard things well. Celebrate life by leaving none behind. Celebrate life by laughing instead of loathing. Celebrate life by being with. Celebrate life by giving more than you take.

Fear wants you to back off when life throws you off the horse, so to speak. Fear not, friend. Get back in the saddle, grab a few friends, and go back to the scene of the crime. Celebrate life. Burn out bright. Yeah, baby…

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