Day 121: Sunday discipline…

I LOVE camping – backcountry in particular. Give me 3 or 4 days off the grid in no man’s land and I’m a happy camper (literally). In 2019, 2 days into a 3 day trip with my fiancee, we lost the poorly marked trail. With zero cell service somewhere deep in the Adirondacks it could have been bad. Instead we stopped, took a couple deep breaths, pulled out the topographical map and compass and figured it out. Without the map and compass, or if we had panicked and left them in our packs? BIG problem. After we used them? No problem.

A client of mine was battling his own negative voice last week – he’d lost his way, lost the path. He shared, I listened. I didn’t give him any wise words or well-intentioned advice. That’s not what builders do. I simply reminded him of something he’d already written in his core – I reminded him of the compass and map in his back pocket. As soon as he remembered, the fog lifted and he knew his way. No problem.

If you’ve made it to day 121 in the book you’ve done some real CORE work. Get in the habit of pulling it out frequently. Updating it as you discover new terrain. Referring to it when you’re lost or disoriented. Start this weekend. My client is and I’ll be doing the same. How about you? Get after it, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Day 121: Sunday discipline…

  1. Map and Compass…Core essentials to our BTL OPUS journey. Excellent entry, Rachel! Thank you for helping us to stay on the path, and not be lost. Excited to hear more from you this month! May is already off to a blessed start.

  2. Thank Rach!
    You have added so much to our team, a fresh perspective, Coaching experiences from your years as a Division One Coach and simply the curious questions you love asking!
    Keep writing, it’s a gift!

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