Day 122: Cook better…

I’ve coached high performers and I’ve studied them like crazy. Here’s what I know to be true. High performers in any discipline crave challenge – they want to see what they’re made of, who they can become. They want to be believed in AND pushed. They don’t rail at the status quo, they get better and obliterate it.

Want to be a high performer in your domain? Model yourself after other high performers. When you find yourself with frustrations at work – bad boss, low performing teammates, processes that make no sense, etc. – stop telling yourself how frustrating or unfair they are. I’m sure they’re both. Doesn’t matter. The more we focus on how unfair X problem is, the more energy we waste on it and the less we have to put towards what we can actually control – ourselves.

So, level up. Get better. When you’re strong enough and clear enough, feel free to find a few other inspired crazies and change the system. Obliterate the status quo. It starts with you. Never the boss, never the system. You, leader. Imagine that world – one where high-performing change agents have a strong as hell core and a clear OPUS. That’s the world I want to live in. So I’m starting with me and aiming for mastery.

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