Day 128: Mount Pomeroy and Krit…

Life is an adventure. Or at least it’s designed to be, for those willing to play the game. Cowboy Bob’s words reminded me of this. In case you don’t have the book, here’s what Cowboy Bob had to say after the end of Chet and Krit’s off-trail hike.

“That hike you just did is harder than 80% of the 14ers. You see, the 14ers have been leveled off, and trails put in due to their ridiculous popularity. I don’t do them anymore. I prefer the ones like this where there is no trail, no people, no plan – you gotta make it up as you go.”

Are you choosing the unmarked trails? Or playing it safe on the leveled off paths that everyone chooses? My best adventures in life thus far have been when I take the unmarked trails. Walking away from the dream job I had been gunning for for years. Starting my own company. Taking a chance on finding epic in a relationship, and ending up with an adventure partner for life. The more I choose (and leave room for) adventure and leave behind the “stable,” the more full my life becomes. Full to overflowing, in fact.

Your adventure trail will likely look different than mine – in fact I’m sure it will. Perhaps you don’t have the entrepreneurial bug. No prob. How can you choose more of what YOU love in the job you have? That’s a choose your own adventure move. You get to play the game the way that works for you. Just play, and play hard.

Don’t get stuck on the wide and cleared path simply because you’re afraid to wander off trail. Don’t choose everyone else’s path, blaze your own. Undoubtedly you’ll end up with a few more skinned knees. Way better than a pre-determined, hum-drum, cookie cutter path. That’s a path of dying at 30 and being buried at 80 – a slow death. Choose adventure. Leave your mark. Blaze your trail. I’m already looking forward to my next skinned knee, how about you?

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