Day 142: Major Taylor…

I want to tell you about a different Major. Actually, a Captain. Some members of the band built into this Captain recently, and it was magic for all of us.

You see, this Captain is struggling with his identity right now. It’s a source of pain and frustration for him – we could see it written all over him. Gu didn’t try to make him feel better, instead he encouraged him to sit with it and in it. That’s the only way through it. Face the pain head on, write, get clarity, act in alignment with your clarity.

When someone brings us pain and confusion, it’s so easy to apply a quick “feel good” fix. Like a wound where we throw a band-aid on it and take a few Advil. What a wound actually needs is to be exposed and cleaned, allowing the body to effectively use its own healing ability. A painful process. Wounds don’t heal from the outside in – when they do, an abscess develops. Wounds heal from the inside out. (Thanks, Kitty)

So when someone brings you a problem that’s causing them pain, resist the urge to fix. Sit with them, get curious, encourage them to write for clarity and act on what THEY believe. Let them heal themselves from the inside out.
As for the Captain, he’s already taking on his pain. Joy is on the other side. We’ll be with you on the journey AND I can’t wait to see you on the other side, Captain.

3 thoughts on “Day 142: Major Taylor…

  1. RH…I believe. Belief. May 20 – belief and centerfield – It is so help to see someone fly. It is so helpful to see someone truly believe. I believe. My belief is propelled forward by what I am seeing and hearing all around me. I will sit with it until it teaches me what I need to know and then? We will go from there. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being such a great centerfielder. “Wounds heal from the inside out”…
    Be good. Do good. Be with.

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