Day 150: Know your limits…

Know your limits AND increase your capacity. The more your capacity increases, the more you see your limits in the rearview mirror. Increase in capacity comes when you play on the edges of your ability and THEN take the time to recover.

I’m playing in a couple different areas right now. I’ve been building my strength capacity like a banshee this last year. I’m squatting, deadlifting and pressing more than I ever have before. I’m pumped to see how it translates on my next big backcountry hike this summer. AND I finally owned up to where I need to start focusing more – my aerobic capacity. Frankly, it’s weak sauce. Time to embrace some pain and suffering. I’m committed to stretching my lungs 3x/week. Baby steps. I want to be strong on the trails AND I want to last all day on an incline.

I’ve got my strength building habits dialed in, aerobic is a work in progress. And non-physical? I’ve got my practice prep and execution dialed in better than ever. One of my new areas to focus on – I’m upping my game in how much I read and write everyday. I’ve loved this month of blogging and learned a ton from it. I plan to continue writing more for myself.

This is the gig. Find an area that isn’t what it could be, dial it in and level up. My old limits for lifting and practice execution are in the rearview mirror. I’ve got new areas I’m focused on and new limits in sight. Every single one is in service of my OPUS. Love it. Know your limits and then crush them. Lets frickin go.

1 thought on “Day 150: Know your limits…

  1. Rachel – your writing this month has been fantastic! Thank you for writing for us and I hope to read more of your thoughts and ideas!

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