Day 154: Puddles…

Let’s take a hard right turn out of physical dreaming for a second and down the rabbit hole on puddles and perspective.

How is perspective formed? I am starting to believe that it is primarily formed from this finicky thing called the ego.  You know that roommate in your head that is constantly explaining the world to you and how you should feel? The one that’s constantly fixated on the future or past and taking you out of the present? The ego explains life through generating thoughts.  Those thoughts create emotions and feelings that inform our action.

Through my own evolution, I am learning how to create a new perspective through observing my ego that’s constantly hijacking my attention. It’s an equally fascinating and horrifying experience. How my ego explains the world to me, and my self-worth in it, can be very unhealthy. But, the good news is, you are not permanently tethered to that crazy roommate in your head. You can gain awareness of this and live and feel much differently.

Once we have this fresh vision and perspective, we can shed ourselves of that nonsense and respond from a much different place. A place of alignment, oneness.  Your core truly shining through.

Can you train the ego?? Absolutely. It’s been trained to think the way it does today our whole life, mostly unconsciously. At BTL, explore how to train the ego with work on your explanatory style and learned optimism.

And, I believe, you can go a step further and use the ego at will, vs it using you. I’m not there yet, far from it. But along that journey my perspective has changed, the voice in my head that wrecked me with anxiety has diminished, and I see way more beauty in the world than I ever have.

When looking at your puddles, observe what your mind is telling you about how to respond to the puddle. Once you have this awareness, can you respond differently? Does your perspective change on the puddle itself? Are you more present as a result?

Breathe, observe, write and react.

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