Day 174: Genuine objectivity…

Identity is one tricky beast isn’t it?  

I had a powerful practice with a team this morning that is struggling with their identity as a team. They are managing through a “divorce” of a legacy product they put their whole heart behind to fully focus on a fresh bigger, bolder vision.  

They identified that part of their current energy management problem is that the team attached their identity to the product they built as opposed to the movement they all set out to create.  They got lost in the battle and forgot about the war.  Egos and identities were hurt and challenged.  

They discovered today that a big part of the problem is their customers could not articulate exactly what their legacy product was. 

But they are building anew, with a renewed focus on the mission that they all left calmer waters to achieve. They are in the heart of the messy middle of their builders journey.  There is hope and lots of light on the other end.

I have no doubt that their stakeholders will soon be their biggest advocates for their emerging identity. Their community will be able to answer with that same crystal clarity that Chet got from his client and create a flywheel for their growth. 

Where do you need to seek some feedback on your identity to ensure you are living in alignment and winning the war? 

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