Day 190 – Reminders…

We need reminders of what we know to be true because we forget. The BTL journey combines new learnings with focused reminders…a winning combination. And we need each other to achieve both. So here is a reminder, as well as a bit of new thinking… 

If you’ve been around BTL for a while you have often heard the Band speak of the Melody Line of BTL…Core, OPUS, PoP. All are integrated in our work and life. A favorite quote in this context sums it up well: 

A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between their work and their play;their labor and their leisure; their mind and their body; their education and their recreation.They hardly know which is which. They simply pursue their vision of excellence through  whatever they are doing, and leave others to determine whether they are working or playing.To themselves, they always appears to be doing both.

My latest AND thinking is around identifying the BTL Bass Line…something our Band has not yet discussed as a Band. So I’ll dive in today. I look forward to seeing where Chet and the Band take this. 

I love a good Bass Line, especially a thumping Motown one. I grew up on Jubilee Showcase and was inspired by Soul Train in my formative years. I’m forever grateful that I was blessed to experience the best era in music, the ‘70’s. (I know, my bias is on full display 🙂 ). 

A Bass Line delivers an important contribution to any piece of music, whether it’s from the 1200’s, the Renaissance, the ‘70’s or today (oddly, all of which are on my play list). The Bass Line provides rhythm and harmony, both-and. No small feat. 

If you’re like me, you listen TO the Melody Line of a piece of music…but you also listen FOR the Bass Line. It requires more focus. Better ears to connect the piece to your soul.  

The Bass Line grounds the song, provides its heart, soul and passion while also providing vital structure for the piece. It’s an impressive deliverable for an instrument with just a few strings. Or a limited octave. 

So what’s the Bass Line for BTL? For me it’s Love. Passion. Love for the work. Love for the calling of one’s work and life. Love that powers through the highs and lows, through the wins and the losses. Love, deeply integrated with one’s Core and OPUS. Love that never gives up. 

Only Love sustains. Another one of my beliefs. 

Friend, as you continue on your hero’s journey to becoming BTL, as you build your Core, author your OPUS and live out of your PoP…be sure you know what your Bass Line is that fuels it all. 

Know what you love.

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