Day 192 – Slow down and reflect…

Today we step into the Build Your Commitment to Learn essential from BBTL. 

One of my top 5 Strengths is I’m a Learner. It’s not lost of me that two of my top five Strengths just happen to be the themes of the one month I randomly chose to volunteer for the Blog. My worldview tells me there are no accidents.  

I love to learn. Always have. One of my PA’s is to learn new things across a few disciplines each year. I read, I watch, I listen, I practice, I write, I apply…it energizes me. And I love to share what I learn with others. However one of the things I need to be reminded of in my quest to learn is to slow down and reflect. My best learnings, those that get bolted onto my Core, come from sitting in the new knowledge and leaning into the process of reflection. 

This PA is of value especially for leaders in this crazy-paced culture and time of change we live in today. 

I love this viewpoint: We are human beings not human doings (thanks, Chip Ingram). While we are on our quest to learn let’s tie it to our ‘being’, our Core, to make it matter. 

Here are some PA’s that help me to create capacity to slow down and reflect…see if these may be of value to you: 

  1. Write a list of ‘I don’t have to’s’ (stop doing)
  2. Write a list of ‘I want to’s’ (start doing) 
  3. Rinse to make sure they are aligned with my Core

Remember mastery comes from slowing down and reflecting.  

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