High performers get comfortable on the plateau. Normal humans get frustrated when progress stalls. Gains, remember, have a non-linear relationship to effort. Most people quit on a plateau. They get frustrated and throw in the towel. They quit rehabilitating their injured tendons because they get frustrated when their rehabilitation efforts don’t produce the expected results. They give up on a prospect upon hearing their first rejection. They throw in the towel on their healthy/physical life when their waist size hasn’t shrunk in alignment with their expectations. They accept their unhealthy mental state instead of going through the middle of it and embracing the acute pain and suffering that comes with any deep change. Normal folks are frustrations fool.

High performers get comfortable being uncomfortable on their plateau’s. They understand the higher they climb the competence ladder, the longer their stay on each and every rung. Performance gains come in bursts. High performers learn to work. They learn to love to work and work and work and keep working. They learn to trust the process and only allow frustration to creep into the equation when they fail to work. Elite turn frustration into fuel. This is the power of an authentic opus – it works and learns to love it – are you?

What’s frustrating you? People, circumstances, and other variables beyond your control? If so, prepare to STOP sooner than later. Focusing on other people, circumstances, and variables out of your control is a recipe for becoming mentally unhealthy. Fact.

What frustrates the elite is themselves. They use frustration to fuel themselves to get better. They turn today’s frustration into today’s PA (productive action). What are you doing with your frustration, my friend? Are you frustrations fool or turning frustrations into fuel? You can choose what is easy and eventually life’s gonna get really, really hard. You can choose what is hard and eventually life gets easier. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Live hard. Love harder…

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