Day 193 – Pass to passion…

Some of my best learnings have come from reframing a situation to see it from another vantage point. Seeing more facets of an experience leads to greater understanding and applied learning.

As Chet shares in today’s reading what we get passed over for can become our passion. What we are meant to do. Our OPUS. Another of our Band’s mantras is:’ What got you fired is what you will get hired for.’ Truth.

Our greatest disappointments in life and our losses can be the pathway to our OPUS. Chet has touched thousands more lives for good through BTL than he ever would have in corporate. And his impact is just getting started. The ripple effect of his building will carry throughout generations. Same with LA, Gu, Petey and Browny. And me. Several of our new Band members are on this journey of discovering and living out passion on the other side of pass. The stories of impact to come will be amazing. Some already are.

What did it take for Chet to see this? His beloved Builder, Miss. she helped him to reframe his pass as The opportunity. BTL was born.

It requires full commitment to pursue one’s OPUS after a pass because the ground between pass and passion is filled with challenges, panic zone moments, self-doubts, and second-guessing. This, too, takes a Builder to make you do more than you think you can.

How about you? Who is challenging you to see that pass or loss as the door to your passion and lasting impact? Who is standing alongside you in the in-between?

Our work matters. Chet has modeled the way for us all. Find your work that matters. Think the long game. Good.

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