Day 194 – No stability without volatility…

High performing athletes know the value of dynamic resistance to gain physical strength and stability. Weekend warriors going through orthopedic rehab have learned this lesson, too (hello, BOSU ball!). Growth happens in the Challenge zone. The same is true for us as leaders and teammates. To have a growth mindset we need to purposefully be in Learner mode. We need to embrace the Challenge zone as it hits and commit to work through it together. And sometimes the Challenge zone is delivered by the team to the leader. 

So leader, instead of being frustrated by pushback…embrace it. Mine it for truth. Mine it for strategic breakthroughs. Your team just might have the idea you need or offer a different vantage point to consider before you make a decision or commit to a strategy. 

Growth happens in the space between stability and volatility. 

I’m building into a high performing team this week that has undergone great growth and is navigating the resultant organizational change. We had a good practice today and soon were mining for differing perspectives through open dialogue, identifying gaps that need to be addressed, and fielding pushback. The leader embraced it all, as did the team. This leader and this team live out of a growth mindset. Together they navigate the space between stability and volatility. They are committed to one another and fully believe in the vision and the mission of the organization. All of which provides a platform of stability as they work through the volatility. 

How do you react to pushback? When you are in the space between stability and volatility what are your PA’s to take advantage of the growth opportunities? How can you engage your team to take it to the next level of growth? 

God help me to learn from pushback. 

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