Today started at 4:44am when the alarm awakened my sorriness. Turned the coffee maker on, brushed the tooth, got dressed in the dark, and flipped the switch from chill to kill mode.

Downer arrived first (Shocker). Jmo and PJ came next. Regina and Farmer came all the way from campus and we were underway just past 5.5bells. My core screamed as the ankle weights (see Regina in pic) did their thing. The hardest thing, today, was getting started. Fact. Damn straight, in fact…

Mom was right.

Do the hard things first. Then the rest of the day seems ezpz. Fact. Driving to Springfield, I’d been primed to perform. So, when we kicked off practice 7 at a little before 8, I knew it was going to be kick ASS. It was. The leader wanted to go faster. We went slower. HR began to believe. Others as well. We are building something and it’s going to be damn good.

Drove back to Cbus and counted my blessings as chill mode kicked in with some good ole Jordan jazz courtesy of Spotify. One on one with a stud business owner who has been wronged and handled it much better than I ever would. Damn. Another great practice where my client did the heavy lifting. Back home for lunchka and practice with another crazy business owner. This one was virtual but it was as real and raw as they come. This dudes dealing with serious, family shitstorm stuff. Heavy practice. Hard. Damn.

Quick bite with my bride at 2bells followed by thirty minutes with Denis on the Peloton bike. Damn. Felt good to sweat it out mid-day, you know. Next up, OSU Women’s soccer. This team led practice 27 like they owned it, because they did. Freakin’ magic. I could not be happier with where this championship teams mindset has taken up residence. They are real, raw, and regulating in just the right way. The newbies are feeling like they’ve found a second home. Damn.

Driving home a little past 5bells, I had one final practice with a stud business owner who gets lost in his own head. We had a kick ASS practice as I told him easy truth. He’s one of the best I’m privileged to build into. He believes the least even though he’s the most believable. His problem is he gets lost in his head and doesn’t trust his heart. It. Was. A. Great. Practice. Esteeming. Him. Damn.

The day is now winding down with some steak, wine, and chill mode with my Miss. Here’s the melody line to my day. Don’t miss this. This could be HUGE. The hardest job for every human is simple, not easy. The hardest thing is simply being who you are. That’s it, really. Be who you are. Don’t aim at being you at your best or you at your best version kinda bullshit. Just. Be. You. That will be enough. God designed each of us to be who He created us to be. Our job is to cut through the noise and well intended clangor, and figure it out.

Be who you are. Damn…

2 thoughts on “Damn…

  1. God this is good. I learned this deeply yesterday. It’s so simple, not easy. It’s the being part, not the doing. So good!!! It’s it. Here’s a bit of me being me….

    1. Damn. That’s some good stuff. Thanks for bringing you to our space. Any friend of Bk, is a friend of this band. Welcome…

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