Day 201 – Bounce…

Matthew Syed’s book, Bounce, is one of my favorites. Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the science of success. However, my rant today takes a slight turn…

We know that developing flexible optimism leads to resilience. In Day 201, Chet shares the practical steps we can engage in our lives to develop our optimism and so build our resilience. 

My And comes from a solid challenge from one of my biggest influencers: 

“The Will is always determined by the strongest motive.”     – Jonathan Edwards, Freedom of the Will

Sit with that truth for a while…then sit in it some more. I’ve been plumbing the depths of Edwards’ statement for decades. And I still glean new insights from him. 

At the heart of high performance, in work and in life, is the Will. And undergirding the Will is our Why.  Here is my PoP as a result of Edward’s belief statement: 

Keep building my Core. Be clear about my Why. Know who I am and Whose I am. From it springs my life. What I believe (my Worldview) is of first importance as it directs my every thought and action (thank you, James Sire). Keep rinsing it for greater clarity. My ability to endure hardship, the clarity of why I live and work, knowing what I love that fuels all I do in a sustainable, life-giving way are the result . A strong Core guides me as I regularly check my Why (my motive) so I can be attuned to any integrity gaps. All of which help me to strengthen my optimism so I can Bounce well. 

How about you, friend? How does your Will spur you on? What is your Why behind it? Sit with this and then write your learnings. Good. 

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