Day 217 – All ears…

“Listen better” is one of the key melody lines that run all through the BTL process.  It’s also one that grabs me, shakes me, and makes me a bit uneasy.  Because it’s one of my greatest challenges.  I try.  I know I can try harder.  Still, my mind races ahead, trying to connect the dots quickly, instead of letting the other share at a pace comfortable for them.  I know it frustrates them.  I try.  I know I can try harder.  “LISTEN!,” I tell myself.  “NO answers…more QUESTIONS!”  I try.  I know I can try harder.  “Not good enough!  Don’t ‘try harder’…’BE better!’”   As Yoda says, “DO…or do not.  There is no try.”

As usual, Chet’s closing words in today’s BBTL book entry are clear, concise and direct (CCD).  They pierce me.  

Stop using your damn mouth so much.  Stop the word vomit.  Stop speaking over them.  Stop speaking, period.  Listen.  Love.  Learn.  Be all ears.“


BTW, maybe that’s why Yoda’s got those big ol’ ears!

1 thought on “Day 217 – All ears…

  1. DB: May I interrupt? 🙂 Could you say that again?
    “Stop using your damn mouth so much. Stop the word vomit. Stop speaking over them. Stop speaking, period. Listen. Love. Learn. Be all ears.“
    I would label the ‘Band’ a group of “Lethal Listeners”.
    Be all ears.
    Thank you.
    Be good. Do good. Be with. Oh. And Listen.

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