Day 220 – Sabotage…

This one hits so close to home it has me trembling as I type. Truly.  It’s been well over a decade, yet you would still hear my voice cracking if I were telling you this in person.  I’m bound not to reveal details, but they’re not really necessary.  So, here it is…short and sweet…and vague.

Person goes BIG time Benedict.  I find out.  I freeze in stunned disbelief.  I thaw.  I want revenge…NOW.  Cooler heads with longer resumes prevail. “Re-focus!  Ignore him!  Big picture!  What’s our REAL target?  Eyes forward!  Full steam ahead!”  We swamp him and his new team before they ever leave port.  Win. Win.

Looking back on it, I am not proud of my gut reaction in that moment.  But I couldn’t be prouder of our team’s reaction or more grateful for what they taught me — What’s our REAL target?  Eyes forward!  Full steam ahead!

Stronger indeed, Mr. Nietzsche.  Stronger indeed. 

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