Day 232 – The scientific method…

This morning, during our weekly BTL Band practice, one of our own poured out his faith, his hope, and his love.

He’s in the middle of a fight — a great fight.  No sand in his socks this time, but every bit as much fear, frustration, passion and purpose.  You see, our friend is all about passion and purpose — to my knowledge, he always has been.   

In today’s BBTL book entry, Chet writes about doing our best work not necessarily at work, but where we most passionately find our purpose.  

For our friend, that passion and purpose has not changed, although he has.  His long beard is gone, as are his tribal clothes.  A keyboard has replaced his ammo clip.  And he’s now some 6,700 miles away.  But his fight is as real as ever, and his passion and purpose are as strong as ever.  

You see, he doesn’t do this great work — his best work — because he has to, though he believes he must;  or out of duty, though he believes it is.  He does this great work out of passion for his purpose — out of love

Our friend is stronger now than he’s ever been.  Perhaps this is his greatest change.  Ironically, this new-found strength has come from humbly acknowledging that he cannot do it alone.  This is the greatest strength of all and is precisely why the second of the 12 Essentials is Build your Humility.  None of us is as strong as all of us.  So, asking for help is the truest measure of strength. 

Our friend has humbly asked for help from beside AND from Above.  And he’s received it.   

This morning, he thanked his Ann and he thanked Kitty and he called this Band his “battery pack.”   But the battery’s no better than the bunny who’s using it.  

To our friend, I don’t say this lightly.  We are with you, Jim.  We are with you, Captain Kirk.  We are with you, American Spartan.  We are with you, our Love Cat.  

We are with you on your journey to fulfill your purpose.  You have the strength you need.  You have the love you need.  And you have the armor from Above you need. 

We are with you. 

3 thoughts on “Day 232 – The scientific method…

  1. Amen. Great writing the past couple weeks! Thank you. And to Jim, more are with you than you realize. You been on my mind, and in my prayers.

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