Practice 10…

Yesterday, during practice 10 with the last team I’m taking on as a client, a not so young man blew me away with his clarity. He challenged the entire team to become BTL. He shared his learning regarding the CORE work he does every, single day. He opened his BBTL book and ranted for a couple moments. Felt like an hour to me. MOT (Moments of truth) are like that.

Becoming Built To Lead is an everyday endeavor. Excellence is baby stepped, iteratively, everyday. Excellence is not found on your offsite, retreat, event, or even in your higher degree. Excellence is an everyday commitment to excellence. Excellence is a choice. You know this, right? Are you practicing this? You can do more than you think. If you’re a BTL client, are you using BBTL as it was designed? You choose. Your choices have consequences.

You might want to open it up today to Day 110: Everydayness…

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