Your most precious asset, if you’re aimed at excellence, is your attention. Stop multitasking. Your brain loves to go deep in one direction. Flow follows focused attention. Fact.

Today, during a forced Webex (Thanks, SWA) team practice, I tuned in like an animal being stalked. The video feed left most participants out of my view. I could hear, not see. So, I focused my brain on hearing and closed my eyes. Flow followed. I knew exactly the day in the book to share about seventy five minutes in. As we ended practice and clicked out of our Webex link, I overheard the CEO share his amazement that I seemed to pull the day in the book out of thin air.

I did not pull anything out of thin air. I simply paid attention and my mind pulled it forward. Where I am is my focus. Who I am with is my focus. Listening intently is my aim. I trust my brain to pull the right thought forward. A committed swing follows suit. Now if I could only do this on the golf course! Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Write. What do you believe is your most precious asset? What would your clients say is your most precious? Your bride? Brother? Best friend?

Live hard. Love harder…

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