Day 308 Meditation and Musing

I cannot by-pass ‘Rachel’s Builder’s Journey’ that is tucked in between days 307 and 308 of the BBTL book without saying something about her.

I had struggled (if that is the word) for close to a decade with one decision I had made that changed one of my closest friend’s lives forever. The details of the situation would take too long to describe but, I was so deeply ensnared by this situation that it had frozen me in a mental place that was causing havoc in my life. One morning as I described in detail my pain and inability to cope with the situation to the band, Rachel who had obviously listened intently hit me with several truth bombs one right after another – boom – boom – boom.

From that day until this one I have not had another worry about my friend. And he is doing well. What Rachel told me was right. She listened. Rachel pours herself into her life as a builder. She has knowledge, experience, skill, and is a crazy hard worker – and that morning after listening to me and stalking the conversation she changed my life.

Thanks Rachel. Thanks for that twenty good minutes.

You are a warrior and you are my friend.

tal Kyrte.



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