Day 313…Psychological safety

Truth is the linchpin in regard to psychological safety – on every level, in every organization and with every relationship.

Psychological safety is defined as a “shared belief” held by members that the group is a safe place to take risks.

But what does that look like?

Let us examine what it is not.

Psychological safety is not a special space, place, or time – it is a culture.

In most cases, a leader will think they have nurtured an environment where their team members can take risks. The reality is often much different. In many cases, what they are doing is making the team happy.

A climate of ‘psychological safety’ does not entail bitching, moaning, griping, and complaining about the boss, either. If a team member is doing that, instead of offering constructive ideas for improvement, they may themselves be a cause of an unsafe environment.

Here is the most misunderstood part of building a culture of “psychological safety”:


You will know you have ‘psychological safety’ within your team when they point out hard truths about you, your behavior, and your beliefs. And most importantly, you can listen, intently, because you know that this person cares. They care about you. They care about the relationship. They care about the work. They care about the organization…and they care about themselves.

We are all leaders, somewhere.

Leader, make your world one where others can find ‘psychological safety’ in your midst.




PS…Band, thank you for the psychological safety…and the truth-telling. A true team cannot have one without the other.


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