Day 314…The curse and the cookies

Every Friday morning, I get to sit with ten great builders for an hour and half. A few weeks ago, during one of our Friday morning “work-outs” putting the “cookies on the bottom shelf” was discussed (thanks, DD). As usual, I listened or at least tried to. You see, those ten are master builders. I am just learning to build into myself so one day I may be able to serve others. Some of the conversations I am a part of are intellectually stimulating, others are emotionally charged, and some are hilarious. Sometimes, I get lost in the conversation, as it is hard to understand the many lessons and nuances it takes to become a good builder.

But I never have to worry about that. Why?

Cookies on the bottom shelf, dude.

Never an important discussion passes without, “all right, somebody put a bow on it.”

That means, “put the cookies on the bottom shelf, so Jim will know what the hell we are talking about.”

Leaders, you have something you want to say, so…

Make sure what you say is important, as well as accessible and understandable to all.

Remember! There are people like me who want to believe. We need all the help we can get.




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