Day 317…Ambiguity

Have you ever heard of Jimmy Lai?

In December 2019, I traveled with my wife to Hong Kong and was blessed to witness a collective outpouring that is hard to imagine unless you were there. Over 800,000 people were in the streets demonstrating for their basic freedoms (ones we take for granted here in the United States).

The future for them was indeed ambiguous.

There are many names that stand-out among these courageous people, who did in fact have something to be worried about.

One of those names is Jimmy Lai.

Take 13 minutes and 15 seconds to truly strengthen your CORE.






1 thought on “Day 317…Ambiguity

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing that story and video. What a powerful message about freedom. It led me to another video telling his story, and it ended with Mr. Lai saying, “…Thinking of my life as something bigger, and not about myself, that my life becomes meaningful.”

    thank you for sharing, Jim.

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