Day 339…We are family

You and I are God’s children, I believe. God gives us the freedom to choose our way forward and loves us anyway. As I bathe in this truth, it reminds me there is so much I don’t know with regard to His world, so why should I get so bent when others are finding their way traveling a different route than me? Why not just view them as one of God’s children? I guess that would make all of us family. God, help me gain this perspective.

Thank you, Brother Chet for the above powerful, meaningful, and wonderful words (Day 339 BBTL book).

I am going to go ahead and leave this alone – all ONE, yes?

Do you know where Jim Gant learned ONE?

Right here with the BTL band.

Dear Lord, help me to inculcate and breath day 339.




Thank you, Brother LA, and Brother JA, for the beautiful melody lines.

We are family.

One of the best tunes – ever.

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