Day 344…Mediation and Meditation

Have you ever been called a coward?

I have.

Hermann Hesse called me one. He called me out for showing attributes and traits on the battlefield that I refused to bring home and use in my personal life.

When I left home to go to combat, I never expected to come back. I said my goodbyes and ‘that was that.’ Somehow, I survived those years.

When the wars were over for me, I relied on everything a man could rely on outside of himself. I could not stand on my own – so I retreated. I retreated to a dark cave where no one could see me or hear me but unfortunately, no matter what I did, I could still see and hear myself. I did not realize how cowardly I had become until I was reading one of Hesse’s books, “Steppenwolf.”

Hesse became a mediator between my lie – and my truth.

What did Hesse say to me?

What would he say to you?



Isaiah 41:10

1 thought on “Day 344…Mediation and Meditation

  1. Damn Jimmy G… damn. You are no longer a coward. Hard truth here but you are no longer a coward. You are opening my eyes and heart to so many things I’ve not understood or believed. You are no longer a coward.

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