Day 349…What more can the heart desire?

“Some people talk about finding God – as if He could get lost.”


One of my closest friends, who knew I had been struggling, sent me a book. When I read the above quote on the first page of chapter one, I felt a release of energy that manifested itself in joy and laughter. I walked over to my neighbor’s house and shared it with her. We both laughed at the incredible truth in that statement.

Throughout the past few weeks, I have shared many of the places I have travelled with you. Thank you all so much for your patience and encouragement. Every single moment that I had the honor of putting into writing here was meaningful.

As I start discovery with Brother John and the rest of the BTL band, I believe that through continued vigilance, hard-work, consistency, honesty, self-reflection, input from my ‘spiritual guides’ and prayer (with a whole lot reading and writing thrown in there) that I will be able to discover the person that Jesus wants me to be. My behavior will align with my beliefs.

See day six of the BBTL book. It will not be easy.

Thank you, band – for believing in me and telling me that I belong.

Now I look forward to Brother John – a wonderful friend, mentor, and spiritual guide – taking over the writing for the remainder of the month and putting a bow on this year.




Leo Tolstoy, one whom we should all read…

1 thought on “Day 349…What more can the heart desire?

  1. Brother Jim — thank you for serving us through your writing these past 6 weeks in ways you will only get glimpses of in this life. You are a great example of what BTL is all about — as a work-in-progress before our very eyes, it’s a reminder that as we progress in our own CORE our influence grows. Growing leaders lead growing teams. Watching you transform from self-proclaimed “mute” to MUSE has been beautiful to behold. Much more writing and growth to come on this Builder’s Journey you’re on in 2022. It’s my privilege to be in your band of brothers and sisters.

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