Anais and Bobby…

Happy New Years Eve. Let’s get to work. Actually, lets get to opus. Let’s live a life in pursuit of our Magnum Opus. Thanks for the inspiration BTL band, family, friends, and clients. It’s been a helluva year. God, help us all dream and do. God, help me make 2022 even better. God, bless this OPUS and all who are touched through it. God, help me become more gentle and lowly. God, help me…

It’s day 365 of 2021 and for those of you following along in your BBTL book, it’s the end of the first tour ‘round. As day 365 exclaims, BBTL cannot be taught – only caught. To say Anais and Bobby have caught the BTL bug would not say enough. These two are the epitome of together we transform.

You see, Robert is the only one of my clients that took the challenge to write me every week with his thinking from investing 2 minutes reading and another 10-20 minutes reflecting and writing every, single day in 2021. He (they) have big dreams. And, they have the discipline required to bring them into being. I asked Anais and Bobby if I could publish his last weeks writing. Thankfully, they agreed. So. Here. It. Is. Unedited. Real. Raw. Freakin’ magic.

Chet – Sending a bit early since the year has finished! Turning the book back to Day 1! Thank you for an amazing year of growth. Cheers to 2022!

Day 361 – ONEness..

Your life is a story…make it one worth living. My story use to be a story that wasn’t worth living. It would have ended early, but luckily I found some amazing people who wanted to give more to me than theirselves. They poured into me because they believed in something bigger. Fast forward 9 years. I am living a life story that is worth it. I love to give to others more than give to myself because I was given a helping hand when I needed it most. I want nothing in return but to see others live out their life dreams with their family and friends. I am living mine with the most amazing wife in the world who has given to me more than she knows. She has opened my eyes to so much adventure, culture and excitement. My mind is so open to learning and trying new things which has brought me happiness I never thought I would find. I know we can’t go at this life alone because there are so many people who have played roles in my life who have shaped who I am. If I can give that to one person I will be happy. Keep giving.

Day 362 – ONE…

I could write a lot about how BTL has changed me at work, but I want to focus on Anais. She and I are both working hard on ourselves AND we are doing it together. She is hard at work with Rachel finding out who she is and wants to be and I am doing the same with Chet. We talk all the time about what we are learning, we are curious with each other, and we learn from each other. We challenge each other, push each other, pull each other, and listen to each other. This relationship has gotten stronger than ever the past year because we are working at it every single day. BTL has brought Anais and me closer and made us stronger. We have a long way to go and we want to get better (just a little bit) each day. I want to be better for her tomorrow than I was today and that doesn’t work without hard work. Thank you BTL for bringing us even closer and making us stronger. Thank you Chet and Rachel for being there for us…it means more than you know.

Day 363 – Becoming BTL….

There is no end game. If we can remember there is no end game AND be ok with there being no end game we will make amazing progress. I feel like along the way in life we are always taught there is an end game – at school we are done after college, in sports we are done when the clock stops, at work when we turn 65 and retire. This was put into our heads in so many ways, so changing how we think about taking on life and work isn’t easy. I still catch myself thinking about the end at work…I am working to getting to a point where work and play are no different so there isn’t really an end. It goes until my last days…the focus may shift, but I will always be working to be better and to improve. As I have gone through this journey of reading and writing along with the BTL book I have gotten better each day and started to get so much more clarity on who I am and where I want to go. My OPUS has become more clear, more CORE has become stronger, and my mind is in a better place than it has ever been. Who would have thought that would come from just reading and writing every single day? It wasn’t easy and there were days were I didn’t want to write…but, I picked up the ipad and got to work. Man I feel good…and, Im proud of myself.

Day 364 – Love…

The word “love” is a word that I didn’t have a real understanding or appreciation for when I was younger. I thought it was something you told your parents or your spouse. I knew it was a “big” word, but I don’t think I fully understand the meaning behind it. It wasn’t until I was told I needed to fall in love with myself that I started to understand the meaning. I started by liking myself, respecting myself, and learning about myself. My coach at the time would tell me to go deeper and to really fall in love with myself. She would tell me to fall in love with every part of who I am. I did this by really going deep into who I was and what made me…me. I started to be ok with what I use to see as my faults, I started to actually like my faults and understand where they came from. I fell in love with my strengths too and started to understand what my strengths could do for me and for others. Today…I am completely in love with who I am…there are still parts I am working on but I am getting there. This has allowed me to love others more than I ever thought I would – including my family and Anais. And, my team at Lockton and my friends. -I know what it means to love and I don’t take it lightly.

Day 365 – Caught, not taught today…

365 days in a row I made a choice to read and write. Each day I get up I want to be better than I was yesterday for Anais, for my family, for my friends, and for Lockton. Each day in 2021 I made a choice to get better than I was yesterday. I am still a work in progress with a long way to go, but I can look back on this year and say that each day I read and wrote I got better. My CORE got tighter, my OPUS got more clear and my Magnum OPUS is coming together. I am sitting in Mexico this morning on vacation with Anais getting ready to celebrate the New Year with her family. As I reflect on the past year I couldn’t be more grateful for each day that passed me by, for where I am today, and for future challenges await me in 2022. I came out of 2021 stronger as a man. I am better husband, son, brother, friend, and leader than I was a year ago. I can’t wait to take on the challenges of 2022 because I am ready. I will push myself more this year than ever…I am forever a work in progress building more CORE each day to chase my OPUS. Thank you Chet for 2021…2022 will be even better.

3 thoughts on “Anais and Bobby…

  1. Anais and Bobby…!!! I am floored…thank you for sharing this post for all to see…it brought tears to my eyes…There is a beautiful and powerful heartbeat that I can feel – even though we have never met. There is a wonderful family here at BTL and we are all so fortunate to have one another. And…365 days of writing…DISCIPLINE. Incredible what that can do is it not?
    Your friend and ally,

  2. This is great stuff. And, shows that what we see on surface from high achievers that make it look easy is only on the surface. The work going on underneath is what makes it happen. And, this comes from loving your journey. I’ve been lucky enough to see both in action, and this is pretty cool to read. Chet – Thanks for sharing. Bobby y Anais – Thanks for letting this into the public view. It’s ony going to be better from here!

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