Day 31: Compass and map…

So when should you pull out your CORE and OPUS? In BTL world, part of the answer is you can’t use them too much. If you’re a master in the art of living you engage with your CORE and OPUS long before you become lost. Staying true to who you are and on the path to your dream state. Preventative maintenance, if you will.

And, I’ve found there are other key moments. Moments where I become derailed or easily could. One of these is in key big moments. Before a big meeting. When you’re contemplating a big deal. When you’re thinking about taking a leap or at least a big jump forward. But honestly, those are all pretty intuitive moments in which one would reach for their CORE and OPUS.

Another one is less intuitive, at least for me. It’s when I can feel something is off but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m a thinker first by nature (ENTP for those of you who like Myers Briggs) and it sometimes takes me a bit to figure out what’s going on underneath my own hood when it comes to feelings and emotions. My CORE is a game changer here. When I dive into it it reminds me of what I already know – sit down, write, have the hard conversation, take on the acute pain, etc. My brain wants to avoid diving into the feelings because they don’t come as naturally or easily. Far easier to think my way through things and keep on truckin’. My core reminds me that I want to be ONE within – not just a thinker, but someone who marries thinking and feeling.

So friend, are you pulling out your CORE and OPUS as often as you should? What are you facing now? Get clarity on that and then dive into your CORE and see what it has to say about it. And then get after it.

1 thought on “Day 31: Compass and map…

  1. Rachel
    What a great reminder for all of us! I read and re-read my Opus almost every A! Some mornings I’m a klittle groggy and let it slip but you can’t remind yourself enough…..this is the work I LOVE! I need more Productive Action, I need to do a better job of moving the tension around and challenging myself more!
    See, You inspired me again!
    Love Ya Rach, You add so much value to our team!

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