Day 32: Weird wins…

I recently experienced an identity crisis I have yet to even share with the Band. I felt like I was a faux builder and didn’t belong with this elite crew of builders.

Why? The reasons are lengthy but one thought at the root of it is related to this concept of becoming the best distinct version of myself. It is a messy work in process. 

I love Built to Lead and the impact it has had on so many people in my life AND I love to activate people through bringing their vision to light in anyway that I can help.

I will go “off script”, get way too involved with clients, make any introduction, go on multi-day planning retreats etc.. because I can’t help myself. I’m drawn to do it as it’s my OPUS: to work on projects I love and believe in, with people I love and believe in, working in places I love that challenge me in every aspect of my life.

Does this make me a faux builder? I don’t know. But it feels right and aligned to me and that’s what OPUS should feel like, correct?

The wins and breakthroughs that my clients achieve light me up in ways that I could have never imagined. The recipe of a builder is Core, OPUS, PoP.  Critical equation. And is there room for more? My hope is yes.

Hit me with some hard truth band, I am willing to be built into in public.

1 thought on “Day 32: Weird wins…

  1. Feelings are squirrelly things. Like Rachel talked about on our band call and as captured in Day 28: Model the Way, whether it’s a MOT or just a feeling, sit in it and write. Get to the root why. Nearly every faux identity crisis I’ve studied is rooted in a crack or something out of whack in its underlying worldview. Look deeper, my friend, and then tell us more. Together we transform. We believe in you

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