Day 37: Chabod…

Today’s day in the Becoming Built To Lead book is a really powerful rant about the difference between Ichabod (no glory) and Chabod (full glory)… one “i” of a difference. Chet’s prompt was to write about your “i” problem. Here’s m”i”ne…

I absolutely love deeply connecting with others. No BS, no holding back, no fear – just ONEness. My problem is when this connection isn’t to m”i” liking, I’m way too quick to dismiss and move on. This also applies to my relationship with feelings as well. Now don’t get me wrong, a swift decisive decision to move past unproductive negativity, is a great thing. But trying to move past a moment I need to sit in is no bueno. Even worse, more times than I care to admit, those moments are when my wife or someone I care about is hurting. I have work to do.

God give me the wisdom to know when I need to slow down, stay open, let it go and let it in.

1 thought on “Day 37: Chabod…

  1. Thx for the honesty, this one cracked upside the head today. Letting it in, especially from those closest, simple, not easy. Sittin’ in it…

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