Day 58: Win/lose and learn…

You win! Congratulations. Now what?  Celebrate, of course.  But then what? 

Well, that depends.  Are you okay with a “won-and-done” or are you in this for the long-haul?  Because if your mindset is won-and-done, your legacy will be one-and-done.  But, if you’re in this for the long-haul, today’s BBTL book entry is aimed at you. 

Chet writes, “If you want to lose at life, keep winning and not learning.”  

While it’s commonly held that we learn more from our losses than from our wins, Chet observes, “The demanding leader is sober and views wins and losses very similarly – as an opportunity to get better.  Do not get intoxicated with wins or depressed with losses.  Get better with both.”  

Whether you win or lose, pass or fail, flex or fumble, you have to be ready and willing to keep learning regardless.  Now, that may be obvious when you’ve lost.  Losing commonly serves as motivation to study, learn and apply in the next go ‘round.  What’s uncommon is to look for opportunities to learn after a win.  But, unless you’re prepared to soon lose what you’ve just won, you better be willing to study, learn and apply after a win, too.

And in order to do that, in order to learn even after a win, you first have to acknowledge the need to do so.  Most don’t.  Great leaders do. 

The problem for most is that once we’ve arrived, we think we’re done.  Whether it’s meeting our weight loss goal, packing on some muscle, gaining a new client, hitting a sales target or achieving any other worthy objective, too often we see it as a won-and-done, when in reality, we’ve just begun.  Getting there is one thing, staying there is another.

Think of it like the difference between a great wedding and a great marriage.  One is six months of gleeful planning.  The other, if you’re blessed, is six decades of HIGHS and lows and JOYS and pains most newlyweds can hardly fathom.  Congratulations, guys!  You’ve won the gal of your dreams!  If you think you’ve arrived and there’s nothing more to learn…fella, you’ve got another think coming.  A great wedding is one thing.  A great marriage is quite another.  

As Chet puts it, “Continual learning is the habit of the uncommon among the uncommon.  Build humility within.”   So good!  That says it all.  We MUST be humble enough to acknowledge the need to learn, even and especially after we win.  

Ego is the enemy.  Ego typically follows winning.  Don’t be typical.  Be better.  And get better.  Even after you win.

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