Day 59…Bowl of Cherries

Here at BTL we are a family. This family extends through the band, clients, family members, friends, neighbors, and many communities all over the country.

It is a beautiful and inclusive tribe.

A tribe that is not tribal but open to all…

I have grown deeply close to the band members here at BTL. That is a miracle. I came home from war trusting only one person on earth.

Within the band, we often connect by asking about each other’s families. There are tough times within the band right now.

Fathers and sons…Sons and fathers – – – connecting and trying to connect.

I have not lost a son.

Nor have I lost my dad.

My dad has been a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. Not unusual. Many sons love and adore their fathers.

I cherish my relationship with my dad.

My dad and I have shared war. And life. And death. And many good books. And God. And…BTL.

You see, my dad not only read the entire BTL book but wrote every single day last year. He hand wrote his notes and then typed them out.

Damn, dad – You are STILL my hero.




PS Thank you dad for working so hard on our relationship. I love you so. – Kirk

PSS One of the most wonderful parts of my entire BTL experience is that I have gotten to watch Chet and Tay – – – play. It makes me happy every single time. Thank the two of you for sharing with us all.

PSSS Praying for the “dads” – – – Brother DD and Brother Andy.

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