Show me the meaning…

Today, I was privileged to practice for the 86th time with a high performance team in KC. Was my great pleasure. And, today, I received this picture from Jim Gant, my dear BTL brother – made me weep.

Today, I received a voicemail from The Athlete. He had called to make sure I got it. He wanted me to know he was checking in on me! Yesterday, I lifted weights with another strong client and then shared coffee and deep conversation. He seared me and I returned the favor. And, the entire weekend Miss and I shared our time and attention with Krit, Josh, and Penny. Kairos moments. Chateaubriand integration.

This week I’ll make money. No, freakin’ big deal once you figure it out. Metrics and money only mean something for a short while, you know. Meaning matters so much more. Show me the meaning! You see, friend, meaning makes me who I am. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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