Day 71: Toto…

“The BTL builders are not here to change you into something you’re not. We’re here to help you get comfortable being who you are.” This comment by Chet in day 71 has been one of my favorite things I’ve learned the more I become BTL.

Most leadership programs, self-help gurus, influencers, etc., bombard us with some message of how much we need to change who we are. Just follow their scripted 10 steps on how to become a leader and shazam, you’ll be good to go. Heed their advice and you’ll get everything you want – trust, respect, money, etc.

The truth is that’s never the path. The truth is the greatness that you’re capable of is already inside you. The problem is simply that a lot of layers of bullshit get piled on over the years. Things your parents told you or didn’t tell you – that you’re lazy, not loved, not enough. A boss fires you and you internalize that you’ll never be good at X. A relationship ends and you believe you should just settle for happy enough.

So what’s the job of a builder? Help you scrape away all those layers of bullshit and get back to you. The only person who can really discover you is YOU. A great Toto (builder) will nip at your heels when you start to wonder if you should turn back. They’ll get curious and help you see what you’re missing. They’ll challenge you when they hear you buying into a layer of bullshit.

A builder simply serves as a catalyst. The work is always done by the hero. So grab your shovel and start scraping. What’s a layer that’s built up that you can get after today? If you’re not sure, start writing, see what comes out. Let the hero’s journey begin.

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