Day 73: Fear and Gratitude…

There is so much inspiration and perspective in day 73 that finding a single melody line is quite challenging, but I found one that stood out above the rest: trust in life during good times and bad, as it will transform you into the human you are meant to become.

We have all experienced some real hard shit in our lives and lots more is ahead. Some of us may be in the weeds of hard stuff right this moment while others may be in “peace time”.   It is almost impossible to see the path ahead when experiencing the full onslaught of unchosen suffering in the present moment. Our brains are just overloaded with the chaos and struggle.

But in hindsight, we can see the trajectory of our life change during these toughest periods.  Losing my father at age 25 was real hard shit. Almost broke me physically, mentally, and emotionally. But 9 years later, I am confident that I would not have the loving wife and son I have today without that period in life. Who knows where I would be but I can assure you it would not be here, with this family, with this band, with my clients and friends.

Today I look back with gratitude, for all my Dad taught me and for the change in my life trajectory during and after his 18 month battle with brain cancer.

And I am grateful for the reminder today to pursue one of my core purposes of becoming the father that Beck will thank at his graduation.

Trust in life, in good times and bad.

1 thought on “Day 73: Fear and Gratitude…

  1. So good, Jiggs. Where you focus and where you grow roots yields a harvest of fear or one of gratitude. Grateful for you and for your sharing your Builder’s Journey with us.

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