Day 76: Fatigue to full…

Today’s BBTL book entry opens with one of my favorite Chetisms – Life is an energy management problem.

You see, we all have a “to do” list.  Regardless of our post, position, calling or career, we all have an ever-increasing, seemingly never-ending “to do” list.  And for too many of us, that list is often filled with more “must dos” than “love tos.”  Let me explain.

“Love tos” are an energy boost.  “Love tos” are the more invigorating activities that we find energizing and leave us feeling full.  

Our “must dos,” on the other hand, drain our energy.  “Must dos” are those tedious tasks and dreaded duties that leave us feeling fatigue.  The problem is, our “must dos” aren’t going away.

Now that we’ve defined this energy management problem, how do YOU solve it?  And make no mistake, it’s YOUR problem to solve.  

As Chet writes, “Do not blame being overwhelmed on others.  Take responsibility for yourself.  Do not allow circumstances and other people to deplete you.  YOU choose with whom you mingle, where you work, and whether you’re getting better or growing bitter.”

As I look at what’s currently on MY “to do” list, I still see a whole lotta “must dos.”  The business challenge that’s occupied much of my time these past 6 months is not yet resolved.  And while I can’t control the pace of progress, I am (as I’ve written previously) in full control of my mindset and my perspective.  I am in full control of how I approach my “must dos.”  And I’ve chosen to attack these otherwise draining duties MY way.  I’ve chosen an offensive mindset, focusing on what I can control, instead of playing defensively and getting caught up in what I can’t control.  Making that choice, and making it MY choice, is actually energizing.  Turns out, I don’t have to love it to gain some energy from it. 

Fatigue to full.  Yes, please.

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