Never easy…

Most of my clients are in the cat birds seat, you know. They are either the head of the system or darn close. Many are CEO’s of great companies or great sports teams. Most suck, however, at being a great CEO of Y.O.U.

One recently told me he has less margin today than ever before. He owns the company. Has more money than dirt. No debt. Company on a record run. Does not have to do a thing. Yet, when we looked at his phone it’s obvious he’s run by his business – not the other way ‘round.

Never easy, friend, to lead yourself. CEO of Y.O.U. Is. Never. Easy. Whether you have a lot or little, whether you have risen high or are still bringing up the rear, whether you have thousands beneath you or thousands above. Never easy to BBTL. Never easy to chase your best life, your way. Never easy to run your life, your way. Never easy to dream big and do only what aligns, you know. Never easy to run into fear. Never easy.

Do not buy the lie that the next promotion or position will bring you clarity or margin. Never buy the lie that someday you’ll chase excellence in all your endeavors. You are what you habitually do. Why you so satisfied living large in some areas and singing small in others? Why you letting fear keep you running away from instead of running toward? Why you so damn normal even when you know you are so freakin’ magic? Why you burying your best self with busyness or business? Why?

‘Cause you buying the lie.

Chase exactly what you want in work and life. Take more risks. Stop doing more and see what happens. Cull more so you can obsess about less. I mean c’mon man, what’s the point of being a great CEO of bigASS company and forgetting to be an even better CEO of Y.O.U.?

Bury the fear, not the talent. Bury others expectations, not your own. I could go on. I’ll stop and encourage you to slow down and dream bigger. Write. Reflect. Find the love. Find more of it. Never easy. Yes, never easy by design.

Live hard. Love harder…

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